COLOURS COMMUNICATION GROUP can boast national and international references, that reinforce our image as a company that is credible, serious and reliable.

Our office in Düsseldorf (Germany) is the from which we have managed all of the Action Areas dof our company since its inception. Colours CG, through its key subsidiary Orange Productions, began its Spanish adventure by opening an office in Zafra in April 2007. Now, Colours CG already has offices in Germany, Spain and the USA ,in addition to an extensive network of partner companies that gives us a presence in all parts of the world.

This has allowed us to realise projects in countries throughout Europe (Germany, Poland, Italy, England, Spain, Portugal); in the United States, Central America and the Caribbean (Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti); South America (Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay) and also Africa (Morocco, Algeria).

In just a few years, Colours CG has acquired an impressive collection national and international references, showing that we are a company that is credible, serious and dependable – a company you can rely on!





Plaza Regimiento Infantería, 8 Portal 1 Bajo B | 06300 Zafra
Tel. + 34 924 55 01 13
Weißes Gehry-Gebäude | Neuer Zollhof, 3 | 40221 Düsseldorf-Hafen
Tel. 0049 176 955 777 02
2300 8th Avenue, apt#10E | New York, NY10027
Tel. 1-646-234-3167