Hello! Welcome to the website of COLOURS COMMUNICATION GROUP! Our company, which has offices in Spain, Germany and the United States, operates in five core Action Areas offering audiovisual production services, corporate communications and editorial services.

It was back in 2003 when the founders of COLOURS COMMUNICATION GROUP decided to get together and pool their academic knowledge and their many years of practical experience. The common thread of all this expertise: communication.

Indeed, this became the core element of the Colours CG strategic philosophy: to offer integrated communications services in five specialised areas. The innovative management teams in the various departments of Colours CG, which we have dubbed our Action Areas, develop business strategies that have efficiently diversified our business:

ORANGE PRODUCTIONS (film and TV production), RED CONCEPTS (consulting and office communication), BLACK DIGITAL (post-production and animation), BLUE INTERCULTURA (editorial and translation services) y GREEN BOX (music production services, training and event marketing).

Our production division, ORANGE PRODUCTIONS also owns 36.5% of the company Café Entertainment, a joint venture founded with Grupo Secuoya and a number of other domestic production companies. We are the second largest shareholder in this dynamic company that focuses strongly on fiction, large-format entertainment and quality informative content.





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